Young Mums

I was lucky to meet a group of very inspiring young mums at the Bowes Lyon Centre who were working hard to be make good lives for their youngsters. They had keen insight and offered glimpses of Stevenage that I’d not seen before.  I think that some of them found peoples attitudes towards them difficult, and it struck me that 50 years ago it wouldn’t have been considered that odd to be a mum at 19 – perhaps unmarried but most of these ladies have partners. How many people in their 30s are single mums and they are not singled out for criticism.

I’m nineteen, its not as if I’m walking home in my school uniform pushing my son.  They dont even know his dad works and looks after him, yet they obviously assume “teenage mum, got to come from rough background,” they just assume (and don’t) want to take the time to get to know us.


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