Walking to Pirton


I walked to Pirton from Hitchin Station; heading out of town and the along the Hambridge Way foot path – or at least I think that’s the way I think I went, at any rate I looked at a map and thought I could walk so followed what I thought was a good route. I did have my kick scooter with me to help me get across Hitchin and I expect some people thought I was an odd site on a child’s scooter heading up a farm track. It was a gorgeous morning and I realised that being able to walk from one town to another on country paths without every seeing a road must be rare. It really brought home the diversity of Hertfordshire. So I arrived in Pirton feeling very relaxed to meet 4 ladies,  one of whom, born in Pirton, remembered walking and cycling everywhere for miles around.  We spoke about communities old an new,  farming life in the past, how small developments of housing in a village can in fact double the size of a community and how change can be isloating for some and an exciting part of life for others.


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