Skates, bikes and boards

Off to Watford’s Derby Road Skate Park to chat informally with some of the skaters. Most of them were in the 17 – 20 age group, It was very relaxed and friendly. I spoke to several who said it was so important to them to have a place  that was open all the time, was free and unregulated where they could come to skate, learn new skills, exercise, chat to mates when not at college or work. Many said it was a saving grace in their lives to have the park and that the skate community was a strong one. It was so friendly in the park but it was interesting to note the sometimes suspicious looks on the faces of passers by.  The park is in what i thought might otherwise be an unused bit of brownfield land jutting out into a junction of major roads, these skaters really brought life to the area.


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